Friday, June 05, 2009

KFXM and K/men June 5, 1964

Beatle Bunch #1 Showing adding Cry for A Shadow, so does this mean that that song jumped to #1 ? I don't have the back of the next three weeks (which shows Beatle Bunch as number 1) Personally I would have liked a #1 song listed, so I guess Cry For A Shadow debuted at #1
Other highest debut My Dreams-Brenda Lee #33 New
Try It Baby-Marvin Gaye
Hey harmonica Man-Stevie Wonder
Oh Rock My Soul-Peter, Paul & Mary
The Mexican Shuffle-Tijuana Brass
Woody Woodpecker Song-Baja Marimba Band
Regarding the KFXM Squad
Last week Ted Behr seemed to join up, and this week we have Barry Boyd

K/men seems to have their equivilent to the Beatle Bunch The Beatles/You Name It
They also have a tie for #1 IGet Around/Don't Worry Baby-Beach Boys. Only seems fair, two Beach Boy songs against at least 10 Beatles songs
Highest debut Angelito-Rene & Rene #5
Alone-Four Seasons
Farmer John-Premiers
Announcement that K/men is giving away Beatles concert tickets at the Hollywood Bowl, and Rolling Stones concert tickets Friday June 5th. Hey! That's tonight! 45 years ago today.

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