Wednesday, June 23, 2010

KFXM June 23, 1961

Quarter To Three-Gary "US" Bonds #1
Highest debut Eventually/Dum-Dum-Brenda Lee #32 New
Here In My Heart-The New Al Martino (What happened to the old one?)
She Said She Wants To Dance-Bobby Freeman (did his own answer song?)
Foot Stomping-The Flares
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea-Frankie Avalon


Anonymous said...

A couple of notes:
1) Lanny Duncan sure got his song
high on the charts. Never to be
heard from again. Local chart
tweeking?? Still a great version of

2: Who was Claudia and the Crystals?
Same Crystals that in 6 months would
debut on the Spector roster??

3: Never ever ever ever got tired of
FOOT STOMPING by the Flares.
I'll be glad to hear it again and again!!!!
Hey Tina Robin, play it again :)

Lord Darth Sidious said...

WAS CLAUDIA & "THE CRYSTALS" the same a-la Philles Records' discovery???
only Phil Spector knows and he isn't talking these days...

megalogger said...

Okay, a theory: Claudia & the Crystals were on Dore, the same label for whom Phil had "To Know Him..." in '58. I've not heard their 45, but I bet it had some of the same elements as the Teddy Bears. As the Crystals first hit was later in 61 and that first Crystals group was from Brooklyn, it's unlikely they were on Dore first. More likely was that Phil copped that name from Dore.

Among others on Wax to Watch that got my attention was "Defiant Drums," which proves that surf is about to break (pun intended) on out!

Foot Stompin' is a killer. Didn't break nationally until early September, 61.

Doug, these postings are appreciated muchly, really looking forward to your return to 1959.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

IN ANSWER TO DOUGMASTER'S QUERY RE: "The New Al Martino", this was merely his new recording label's (Capitol) attempt at rejuvenating his record sales potential. The original version of "Here In My Heart" first charted in June 1952 and hit the Number One position for three weeks on BBS Records.
actually, Martino's singing career was more revitalised by his appearances in the 'Godfather' movie trilogies where he played singer Johnny Fontaine.