Thursday, September 02, 2010

KFXM September 1, 1972

Presenting the KFXM Beach Towel: I'm Still In Love With You-Al Green #1
Rock and Roll-Gary Glitter #4
Beautiful Sunday-Daniel Boone #7
Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me-Mac Davis #10
Highest debut Power Of Love-Joe Simon #25
Humble Pie plus Slade at The Swing Auditorium
My Ding-A-Ling-Chuck Berry
Ben-Michael Jackson


Anonymous said...

How did MY DING A LING ever
become a hit.
Hated it then and don't love
it now.
Was this CHESS last and
final fling in pop hits?

Anonymous said...

I hated it too, but it was Chuck Berry's ONLY number-one single on the pop charts....despite the fact that probably half the Top-40 stations refused to even play it. With all of Berry's earlier hits, that is almost impossible to believe!

Tom in Lexington, KY

(A former K/MEN & KFXM listener from 1959-1965 while living in Riverside, CA)

Anonymous said...

CHESS must have been desperate
but it worked.

Anyone out there ever taken
the CHESS studios tour in
Chicago. Great place to go and
think of all the stuff that came
out of that place. Ground
zero for so many hits.
You stand there in the studio
that gave us so much.

By the way, it's located at
Sound familiar? It's a Rolling
Stones tune made when they
recorded 12x5 album there.
Homage to the address.

Anonymous said...

Hey, diddywop, is that ole Ding-A-Ling still hangin'???
(at CHESS Studios tour)

Anonymous said...

The CHESS studio tour is
a must-see if in Chicago.
Just a block East from
there is the CHESS record
pressing plant. No tours.

Just a few blocks North of
CHESS is home of VEE-JAY records.