Tuesday, February 08, 2011

K/mentertainer February 4, 1966

California Dreaming-The Mamas & The Papas #1
New in the top ten
You Baby-Turtles #6
It's Magic/Don't Forget About Me-Barbara Lewis #10
Homeward Bound-Simon & Garfunkel
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry-B.J. Thomas
Say goodbye to Chuck "Huckleberry" Clemans and Bill Watson (Still there I believe, but not on the air)


Anonymous said...

So many losers in the KMEN new
entries. Sheesh..
Just a couple go on to stardom.
It's nice to take a chance on
some new stuff. But this is
not looking at what's going on
across the country. Sheeesh.
And the beat goes on.........

Anonymous said...

K/MEN Program Director Bill Watson was transitioning to a new gig with
the Drake-Chenault organisation in Los Angeles where he would become National P.D. for the R.K.O. Radio stations now under their contractual consultation.