Friday, August 26, 2011

August 24, 1973

Brother Louie-Stories #1
New in the top ten
Let's Get It On-Marvin Gaye #6
Delta Dawn-Helen Reddy #7
Has Anyone Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose-Dawn #9
Gypsy Man-War #10
Highest debut
Free Ride-Edgar Winter Group #24
Get It Together-Jackson Five
Muscrat Love-America
Interesting survey on back side of the KFXM survey, the national top ten
I guess it's official a note from above
reporting there is no KMEN survey


Lord Darth Rageous! said...

YES, LINCOLN DELLAR and associates had determined that publishing a Top 30 music survey weekly was passe with the then-current local market's listening audience and, therefore, no longer justified the time, manpower and expense of putting one out ever again. instead, the new Owner placed emphasis on upgrading KMEN's physical infrastructure including a new building, vital equipment, furniture, new staffing, etc., to deliver "a better quality product" -- the usual corporate speak for investment in order to raise the overall value of the property for later (eventual) sale!

a sad commentary on the demise of a once-great Popular Music radio station renown during its heyday in Top 40 circles.

Anonymous said...

How comes the date on this week's Tiger Tune survey is different on the outside and inner pages???
Which IS the correct publishing date of issuance?

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

August 24 is correct. It looks like the typeset from the laast issue (August 17) wasn't changed.

The Helmsman said...

Such a pity to see a once GREAT radio station go to the dogs. Just three years prior, K/MEN had super ratings,a fab P.D. and had ownership that cared about MORE than just the bottom line.

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

Yes, those WERE the good old days, John, when K/MEN still aired competitive broadcasts and entertaining the audience was still a worthy goal for both P.D. and the air staff...

this One clearly recalls when YOU had a very HOT evening show back around that time what captured some great ratings numbers, yes?

The Helmsman said...

True, but those numbers wouldn't have been possible without quality jocks and Dave McCormick, a brilliant program director!

Anonymous said...

And just how much did KMEN think the expense was of putting out a weekly list?

Most stations traded out the printing, and if they put an ad on the rear, they probably MADE MONEY on them...