Saturday, July 28, 2012

KFXM July 24, 1974

No copy of published survey this week. The next 1974 survey is dated August 7, which I had added the date July 31, 1974.  So I'm assuming I listened to this week's countdown , because it is complete for this week (no memory of this).  And then there wasn't one printed (of found) for next week. It was a long time ago.
Rock Your Baby-George McCrae #1
New in the top ten
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me-Elton John #9
Highest debut
The Night Chicago Died-Paper Lace #22
Future Hits
I'm Leaving Up To You-donny & Marie
Sure As I'm Sitting Here-Three Dog Night
Wildwood Weed-Jim Stafford


Anonymous said...

No published survey for NEXT week, is that right? But you're going to add "the date July 31, 1974" for following week's (August 7, 1974) Tiger survey???
Sorry, but I am confused about what's going here! You're talking about missing dates 'in the future' from "a long time ago".
I guess at my age such time paradoxes need a little extra explainin', Lucy!

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

OK back in 1974 I wrote on the survey July 31, 1974 next to the printed date August 7, 1974. By looking at the positions on that survey under LW (last week), it showed the positions listed on my typewritten survey. I know it's confusing, but I hope that makes it easier to understand. When I post it next week, it may be easier to understand.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug. I will wait to see what you publish and maybe finally understand all these confusing survey dates!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug, I remember also listening to those weekly top 40 countdowns on KFXM (and KMEN too). Wrote down some of those surveys like you did, but now wish I had kept them all. Sure great for historical sake that someone like you has actual hand writing surveys to share when the published ones aren't available!