Thursday, August 09, 2012

KFXM August 10, 1981 and DJ Signatures

Jessie's Girl-Rick Springfield #1
New in the top ten
Lady (You Bring Me Up)-Commodores  #6
Queen Of Hearts-Juice Newton #7
Boy From New York City-Manhatten Transfer #8
Urgent-Foreigner #9
Highest debut
Who's Crying Now-Journey #23
Future Hits
Backfired-Debbie Harry
Magic Man-Herb Alpert
Dedicated To The One I Love-Bernadette Peters

Here's the first look in a long time at the KFXM DJs
If I can read the signatures correctly, we have
Ed Mann
Dan Murphy
Jay Cervanko
Terry Shea
Jason McQueen
Pat Toney
Bobby O'Brien
Stan Soto
Rich Watson


Bill Earl said...

Al Anthony filled in then. HE should have been there!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Bill. So why did Henry Broadcasting keep him hidden from public view? Were these corporate types afraid they were hanging on to a Tiger by the tail???

Anonymous said...

Al Anthony wasn't at KFXM in 1981...he had already been canned by Howard Tullis. And hadn't been on the air in years.