Tuesday, September 11, 2012

KFXM September 6/12, 1974

No survey available?/printed? this week, but this is what I have.   It could cover both weeks, or one week.   1974 wasn't very good for consistant surveys being printed for KFXM.
I Shot The Sheriff-Eric Clapton #1


Anonymous said...

Is our webmaster left-handed?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure no Tiger survey was available for pickup at any of the usual distribution locations?
If they ran out, did you try asking the station to mail you a copy of these missing issues?

Anonymous said...

"1974 wasn't very good for consistent surveys being printed for KFXM"

How do Doug know this is true? If, as the previous poster pointed out, he failed to pick up the tunesheets at the local record shops, then whose fault is it for not having the missing surveys?

Just trying to look at the issue from both sides is all.

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

I didn't find any of this week's surveys. The stores may have run out. If I remember correctly, a few times I requested surveys from the station, but with no success. Maybe, the weeks I requested weren't printed. I don't know.

Lord Darth Rageous said...
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