Friday, October 04, 2013

KFXM K/men 50 Years Ago October 1963 with Larry Lujack on KFXM

1963 Hard to believe 50 years ago.   Some really good songs, big hits and rarities in the top ten.  Don't know #10 on KFXM Toys In The Attic-Joe Sherman
Look at the other artists with big hits on these surveys, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Rick Nelson, Jan & Dean, Dion, Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Ronettes, Peter, Paul & Mary.
They better watch out The Beatles are right around the corner.  But even without The Beatles, there are good songs on the survey.
How about the new DJ on KFXM Larry Lujack, and if the order the DJs on KFXM are listed are thetimes on the air, it looks like he's up against Huckleberry on KMEN


Kenneth Goodwin said...

Note where it says "The All-New KFXM" and the address of 666 Fairway Drive. This was just after they moved into the brand new studios at the Holiday Inn.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the legendary Larry Lujack was not able to make his due mark upon Inland Empire radio circles due to the inept program directorship of a certain Dave Fransen and the entire "Big Circus Top 40" fiasco which compromised KFXM's image and ratings.
Poor Larry could only take it a few more months before finally bailing out for back East announcing opportunities where he found his broadcasting niche and lasting fame.

Anonymous said...

The order may be off.
I remember Lujack in the afternoons.
Maybe Fransen moved into morning
and moved him to afternoons soon.

Anonymous said...

Toys In The Attic was a nice mellow
mostly instrumental tune.
From movie of same name.

Can't find it on youtube.
Don't have an mp3 to attach here.
I do have the original 45 on World Artists label.