Thursday, December 19, 2013

Larry Lujack on KFXM 1963

Sad news to report Larry Lujack passed away.


Anonymous said...

Larry Lujack certainly became one of the "big names" in radio who made a stop in the Inland Empire along the way. His career success came in Chicago. Another visitor the Inland Empire hosted was John Ravenscroft at KMEN. John went on to fame at the BBC as the legendary John Peel.

Harley Davidson said...

It was Larry who introduced me to the Inland Empire in his 1975 book "Superjock". At the time, I didn't realize the IE would be a major part of my little radio career.

Anonymous said...

Larry Lujack, while at KFXM brief as it was,
got bumped to the all night shift.
John Stone, PD, hated his act and got
him off daytime. Greed and jealousy.
John Stone was probably the worst
PD to have that title ever at KFXM.
But moving Lujack to Midnight was horrible
sense of judgment. Just look at
Lujack's career. Move to midnight was
his motivation to get out of KFXM.
RIP to SuperJock.

Anonymous said...

Dittos the previous poster's sentiments about how poor Larry suffered through the egotistical madness of the Stone P.D. era.
However, blame also falls upon Dave Fransen and the "Top 40 Circus" debacle he promoted which just destroyed KF's integrity and reputation at that time!