Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Evolution of Charlie Walters (continued)

Charlie continued through October 1968 until the Jones Boys took over KFXM. I don't think he was one of the Jones Boys, but I don't know that for sure.

October 1969 Charlie was back on KFXM (when Danny Dare left) with a litlle bit hipper look. He stayed until June 1970 when he was relaced by Chris Roberts.


Anonymous said...

Charlie was NOT one of the Jones Boys.
I spend time with him and the other
guys on the picket line. It
was cold, lonely out there.
But the guys were creative and
kept themselves entertained while
the JONES BOYS were playing all
the new hits. That was one of the
worst parts about being out
there: Missing out on the great
music that came along in
November, December, etc.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Walters was older than the other guys, but after seeing those last two small photos where he grew his hair out and brushed it forward, he didn't look that much older after all...amazing how longer hair brushed forward can make a guy, like Walters, look 10 years younger! I wonder HOW he looks today? Anyone know WHERE he is? Still alive?

Anonymous said...

Charlie was a serious guy but
had his humorous times.
Always did like his style
and delivery. Kinda homey
but it flowed nicely. Nice
guy too. Sometimes too

Yea, where is CW these days.

Anonymous said...

Last known to be driving an ambulance in San Jose. Jonny Bruce