Monday, January 01, 2007

K/MEN 1966 Top 129

Since I printed the KFXM top 100, I thought I would show you the K/MEN Top 129 for 1966. Big difference on the #1 song of the year. KFXM had Daytripper/We Can Work It Out-Beatles as #1. It's #54 on K/MEN. Actually it was a bigger hit on K/MEN's 1965 top 129 (#21). K/MEN and KFXM did split it up between the two years, with it being a bigger hit in1965 on K/MEN. It was number one on K/MEN'sweekly survey in 1965, but not in 1966. But on KFXM #1 in 1966/1967 for 7 weeks 4 weeks in 1965 (but 3 weeks in 1966) KFXM had it at #15 in 1965. So on KFXM it was a bigger hit in each year. Based on it's entire run and the year of its peak position, and calculating (in advance of the end of 1965) it would have been KFXM's #1 song of 1965. But back then it may or may not have been split up depending on kinds of chart information.

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