Monday, March 02, 2009

KFXM Tiger Mag February 28, 1969

According to this The Jones Boys have been doing their thing for 17 weeks. Makin' Music...
Interesting article about how KFXM decides which records to play. Which of the Jones Boys wrote this article?
Sly & The Family Stone
In the last sentence of the first article on the page below, it sounds like the Jones Boys may revealing who they really are. It won't be happening for a long while.

How big was Iron Butterfly in the Inland Empire? Soul Experience #1 It only made it up to #75 nationally
Highest debut Galveston-Glen Campbell #22
Debuting at #28 Apricot Brandy-Rhinoceros. In my opionion, a great rock instrumental.
Future Hits
Thank You Mother, Thank You Father-Future I really don't remember hearing this song.
Hot Smoke and Sassafras-Bubble Puppy A classic Garage/Psyche song. I remember hearing this once once, and I liked it, and it was probably 20 years before I heard it again


Anonymous said...

I think it was music director Danny Dare. Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

interesting to see how long
TO SUSAN... by Donovan has been
playing before they start on
the other side: ATLANTIS.
Both had a long run.
Both great stuff.

Danny Dare said...

Davy Jones (me) wrote "Makin' Music"....too bad no station follows that formula today. Thinking a person only likes ONE SPECIFIC SUB-TYPE of music makes for BORING RADIO and LOUSY RATINGS!