Saturday, March 28, 2009

KFXM Tiger Mag March 28, 1969

Bye Bye Tiger Mag
Take a good look at this KFXM Tiger Mag. This will be the last one that looks like this. There won't be another official survey until July of this year, and it'll be a third this size (remember the ones in 1964?). In the meantime there will be a playlist, or at least a partial playlist (depending if I listened and wrote down the songs). At the minimum you'll have the #1 song for the week on KFXM from each week in April, May and June.

Why did they stop being printed? Can anyone out there tell me? Danny Dare? Al Anthony? What's the story?
Shango-Day After Day
Anyone go to the Palm Springs Pop Festival?
Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In-Fifth Dimension #1
Highest debut Hawaii Five-0-Ventures #23
Personal Picks
Goodbye Goodbye-Lee Michaels
Atlantis-Donovan (the flip side of To Susan...)
The Last Thing On My Mind-Peppermint Trolley Co


Anonymous said...

8 remakes are on this chart?
Must be a record for the number
of redone oldies that are on
the Top30 or coming up.

The hits well must be going dry.

But wait, my favorite of the
time is lurking: THE BOXER.

Anonymous said...

I counted nine remakes.
# 5,6,8,19,24 and
Grazing In The Grass
A Million To One
Come A Little Bit Closer
When You Dance

Anonymous said...

I went to the 1968 Palm Springs Pop Festival that had Eric Burdon and the Animals, Blue Cheer etc but I didn't go to 1969 one.

John from Fontana (back then)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's 10 Remakes.
Did you count YOU'VE MADE SO
VERY HAPPY? Wasn't this a
Motown song years before BST?
Was it Brenda Holloway.
I'm a bit fuzzy on that one.

Anonymous said...

Here's who wrote YOU'VE MADE

Songwriters: Gordy, Berry (Jr); Holloway, Brenda; Wilson, Frank; Holloway, Patrice;

Danny Dare said...

Al Anthony would know, but nobody's hearing from him these day. I think Al was
tired of the responsiblity
of putting it (Tiger Mag) together every week, plus the cost, strain of the strike, and the excuse was we were waiting for new pictures of the jocks and the end of the "Jones Boys".

zanstar said...

I went to Palm Springs Pop Festival. I surely was there. It was great...and so were the waterfalls.