Saturday, April 04, 2009

KFXM (NON) Tiger Mag April 4, 1969

KFXM stopped printing the Tiger Mag. Below is the survey that would have been.
One thing I didn't remember is that I must have had a copy of the playlist, because I glued part of it on last week's survey below (the bottom section of The Jones Boys Picks) Why I didn't keep the rest, I don't know. Where I got it, I don't remember. The only place that I would have gone in 1969 that might have had a playlist would have been Lyle's Record City, but I really don't remember.

Hair-Cowsills #1
Highest debut Atlantis-Donovan #12 The flip side of To Susan On The West Coast Waiting finally charting.

Good Times Bad Times-Led Zeppelin. The debut single of The "New Yardbirds" They just barely made it into the 1960's.

Easier to read the list below.

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