Friday, April 17, 2009

Lynn Bryson of KFXM and K/men

An email I received awhile back. If anyone has information feel free to contact Casey or me.

Hey man,
Kind of a random story, but I'll tell it anyway as I'm hoping you may have actually heard my dad on the radio, back in the day.

I was watching Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and in one of the scenes the main character gets a call about his tv show from a man named Larry Golberg. This was one of my dad's bosses he used to talk about when he worked for hannah barbera and with danny hutton. Anyway I google that and it eventually leads me to your blog with lynn bryson and Big Mean Drag Machine.

If you know or remember anything about my dad or know how to go about finding his records/memorbillia I would really appreciate anything you could say. He passed away 3 years ago and always had crazy stories to tell about his DJ days and his records. Anyway hopefully that's enough to wet your whistle. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks,
Casey Bryson

I wish I had, but never did hear your dad. I didn't start listening to the radio until 1966 and he had left KFXM and KMEN by then.
If you want me to, I can post a blog entry with your inquiry and email address, and you might get some responses.
I also collect records, and I know quite a few people who also collect, and I'll ask. Let me know if you want me to post your name and email address.

Hey Doug,
Thanks for replying. Sorry it has taken so long to reply back. Please go ahead and post away. Who knows what response we'll get.
Oh hey by the way. I searched your blog again and found some really cool pics and info about my dad that I haven't seen before. I just wanted to letyou know how thankful I am that you took the time to do that. I'm sure you weren't looking for this kind of response, but it means a lot to my family.
Thanks again,

If anyone has any info they would like to share, contact Casey at


Donna said...

Casey, Im still waiting to hear back from you via email

Donna said...

I'm very excited to see that there is still someone that remembers Lynn.
He was a small part of our lives, many many years ago with an everlasting memory!!
We were very fond of him!!!

The Lee sisters Fontana Ca.

Donna said...

P.S. I still have the origianl 45 of Big Mean Draggin Machine.
Its a treasure to be had!!

I also have what I BELIEVE to be his press photos in black and white of course!
I cant put my hand on them at this moment, but I will tear my house apart till I locate them!!!

Mike Rowe said...

I think your dad was on Radio Station KPKW in the Tri-Cities Washington in the late 50's early 60's. He billed himself as Lynner the Spinner. My friends and I enjoyed many an enjoyable night listening to his banter and his music. It was a different world then, though. This community actually banned rock and roll music on the local radio stations in 1964 or so. I'm sad to hear Lynn has passed. I lost track of him after he left here. If I'd known he made records, I would have collected them all.