Monday, May 10, 2010

KFXM and K/MEN May 7, 1965

Ticket To Ride/Yes It Is-Beatles #1 on both stations
Highest debut on K/men Catch The Wind-Donovan #7 New
Engine Engine No.9-Roger Miller
You Turn Me On-Ian Whitcomb
The Swingin' Creeper-Ventures
I Can't Help Myself-Four Tops
and in the year 1965
May 15th, At The Swing Auditorium, K/MEN presents the Rolling Stones!
Highest debut on KFXM You Turn Me On-Ian Whitcomb #26
Break Up-Del Shannon
Here Comes The Night-Them
Bring It On Home To Me-Animals
Look we have pictures of the new guys Don Elliot and Al Anthony

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Lord Darth Sidious said...

is in full swing on the new and improved Tiger Radio 59...
now said programming genius of
the Tullis & Hearne radio empire
will come to the fore with some
spectacular promotions, happenings and events both on and off the air as KFXM battles the K/MENdous one for the Inland Empire's ratings, public service and sales superiority.
the rest of 1965 should prove interesting for both stations and their fanfare.