Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KFXM May 26, 1961

Hello Mary Lou/Flip-Ricky Nelson #1 Traveling Man finnaly gets a mention, but called FLIP. Did KFXM have a problem with the song?
Highest debut Running Scared-Roy Orbison #15
Also debuting at #21 Raindrops-Dee Clark
The Astonaut-Charlie Manna (an LP cut) Was this the same as Bill Dana's The Astronaut? New
Stick With Me, Baby/Temptation-Everly Brothers
Heart & Soul-Jan & Dean
Girl Of My Best Friend-Ral Donner
Rama Lama Ding Dong-Edsels
Cupid-Sam Cooke
Day Train-Hi-Ballers (An answer to Night Train?)
Anyone get $5.90 for the best news tip of the week?

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Anonymous said...

I remember this week in 1961.
Looking back at this chart, I wish
this would have lasted forever.
So much great stuff here.
The Spring of 61 lives on looking
back at this.
Thanks for sharing this.