Thursday, March 10, 2011

Debut K/MEN 129 March 10, 1962

Can you believe it? It has been 49 years ago today.  K/MEN signed on the air with Huckleberry playing Chip Chip by Gene McDaniels #10 on this Top TEN.  Huckleberry and Bill Watson talked about the song at the 35th Anniversary. Thanks to a regular reader of this blog for the copy, but someone may have been fooling him with this.  The next week's top ten on KFXM is a perfect match for this top ten. Most likely K/MEN probably borrowed the top ten to get started.  The first official survey (about three weeks later) will be dated March 30, 1962 with only one of these songs still in the top ten.  
Before K/MEN it was  KITO.  Hours before leading up to the debut of K/MEN you got to hear Fannie Mae-Buster Brown playing over and over again. I've heard some say it was Hit The Road Jack, but I've talked to people who actually heard Fannie Mae.
The first lineup of the K/MEN were Chuck "Huckleberry" Clemans-Donn Tyler
Andy (George) West-Bill Watson-Brian Lord-Dean Webber-George Babcock-Jim Markham
Gary Price

Here is the KFXM survey.  Next week you'll get the whole thing.


Lord Darth Rageous said...

Truly astounded as to the exact similarity between the onset Top Ten survey used by K/men upon the station's debut and that of soon-to-be crosstown rival KFXM.

I can personally assure our host this particular document did, in fact, come from the K/MEN Music Department's own 3-ring green binder of their published surveys, INCLUDING that small index card with the first opening day's survey dated 3-10-1962 for the new programming format.

If the joke is on, then the fool must have been KFXM with kudos to Bill Watson and Ron Jacobs for putting this 1st K/men survey together!

Anonymous said...

It was 49 years ago today.
Sargeant Watson brought a
bunch of jocks to play.
We're sgt. Watson's rockin' jocks.
We hope you will enjoy the show.

OH We sure did!

Anonymous said...

Say, is there any chance someone who reads this blog has an air-check recording of that 1st day debut
of K/men?

If so, please share where it could be played and downloaded.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Nah. Wait until the 50th anniversary next year of K/men's debut to the Inland Empire's radio broadcasting annuals. Then we'll have something really great to shout about.

Anonymous said...

we should all be zombies arisen
from the dead by then!