Tuesday, March 29, 2011

K/MEN 20th Anniversary 29 Years Ago

In 1982 there was a 20th Anniversary K/MEN Concert (a little later than March, but still in 1982).  It did get good newspaper coverage.  Besides the concert, a whole truckload of former and current KMEN.

Be sure to click on each picture in order to enlarge and read the articles.

The concert with The Drifters, The Coasters, Dick Dale, Donnie Brooks, The Rivingtons, Marvin and Johnny, and Al Wilson,


Anonymous said...

Great clips to read.
No mention of KMEN waking
up an established giant, KFXM.

Interesting how Ron Jacobs let
these guys be fun and loose on the radio. He went the other way
with KHJ in large part. He
tighetened up the on air
format. Jocks could be
fun but it had to be with
music beds at all time.
If intro to a song had 5 seconds
that's all you got to be good
or better.
Jacobs had an ear for what's right whether it was 1962 or 1965.

Anonymous said...

Yes, after setting up KMEN's new format and programming, Jacobs teamed up with Bill Drake and Gene Chenault, beginning with KHJ and made radio history for the next decade or so.

Could we ever forget those irrepressible phone calls on the hotline from Jacobs/Drake:

"How's it going? Tighten up. Goodbye."