Wednesday, May 25, 2011

KFXM May 24, 1962

Stranger On The Shore-Mr Acker Bilk #1
New in the top ten
The Stripper-David Rose #3
The Prince-Jackie DeShannon #9
Queen Of My Heart-Rene and Ray #10
Highest debut
Sweet and Lovely-April Stevens and Nino Tempo #27
Sealed With A Kiss-Brian Hyland
Night Train-James Brown
The Wah-Watusi-Orlons

It states that Ron Garner is number one in the morning, here in May 1962.  How long before
"Huckleberry" Chuck Clemans on K/MEN takes over that position? 


Megablogger said...

how long until the Beach Boys appear with Surfin Safari?

Anonymous said...

I see hints of the Summer of 62
hits sprouting. It was a great
Summer. KMEN will establish itself
as a major competitor to the Mighty

Anonymous said...

It might be next week
"Surfin Safari" hits the K/men list May 26.

It didn't chart in L.A till mid July and

didn't chart on Billboard until
August 11

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

Three more weeks before Surfin' Safari hits "Wax To Watch", but the real surprise is that it disappears for a week then hits the top 40 the following week, listed with the flip 409.

Megablogger said...

thanks...didn't mean to spoil the surprise (or maybe I did), but couldn't wait...everything's different from that date...summer of '62...welcome to the rock era.

Anonymous said...

Where were you in '62???

Bill Earl said...

Where was I? I was in Grade 6 at St. Phillip's School in Pasadena....just blocks away from the KRLA studios. We all had 6-transistor radios in our lunchpails.

Anonymous said...

Cool, Brother Earl, simply cool, man. Those compact little transistor radios were our life-line to what was happening in the world and the best connection to fun-fun-fun!

Ted Brown said...

Some of us didn't have any stinkin' lunch pails...