Tuesday, May 03, 2011

KFXM May 4, 1962

Twistin' Maltilda-Jimmy Soul #1
New in the top ten
Balboa Blue-Marketts #9
Highest debut
Follow That Dream-Elvis Presley's E.P. #30
The Prince-Jackie DeShannon debuting at #33
Johnny Get Angry-Joanie Summers
I'm Not A Bad Guy-The Crickets
It Keeps Right On A hurtin'-Johnny Tillotson
June, July And August-Freddie Cannon (I guess someone thought this was better than Palisades Park, the flip side)


Anonymous said...

KFXM seems to have a track record
of playing the B side and eventually
changing to the A side.
Freddy cannon here will be flipped.

Didn't the record companies promote
the A side. OR did they just let the
station decide. Awkward.

Lord Darth Rageous said...

By default tradition, the recording industry's promoters always plugged A-sides of record singles to the radio stations; however, as evidenced with KFXM, some music directors had moxie enough to give B-sides a try over-the-air in hope of furthering more variety for the listening audience. Kudos to the then-mass appeal broadcasters who allowed such flexibility in choosing off-charted platters for airplay!

of course, this informal practice was BEFORE the British explosion -- The Beatles, Rolling Stones and a few other major acts excepted, and BEFORE the Drake-Chenault playlist tightening took over what you heard on Top 40 radio!

Anonymous said...

Attention span shortened and
stations had to grab a listener's
ear by sticking to the tried and
true hits.

Rule was, an is, that if you
don't catch their attention in
a song or 2 they are gone.

Look at KRTH's playlist.
About 280 songs week after
week. Some are rotated in
and out.

Lord Darth Rageous said...

True to the count but then, Top 40 radio ended up as Top 20 broadcasting outlets in many instances and worse. Theory being, this narrowing of stations' music playlists eventually led to absolute fragmentation of the radio audience nationwide. And that buzz was just too bad, leaving mass appeal programming in the historical dust bin.

Ah, the good old days when a DJ could just pick-and-choose his own records to play for a particular airshift's (i.e., dayparts) listenership.

Anonymous said...

Outside of the subject:

I heard Lucas has
declared today as STAR WARS day

Quote: "May the fourth be with
you" Every month!!

Told ya it was off the subject.

Anonymous said...

Also off-subject: may the Fanny be your Farkel on the Fourth!

(signed) Ferd Berffle