Tuesday, June 21, 2011

KFXM June 22, 1962

I Can't Stop Loving You-Ray Charles #1
New in the top ten
Johnny Get Angry-Joannie Sommers #9
In My Baby's Eyes/Sharing You-Bobby Vee #10
Highest debut
My Daddy Is President-Little JoAnn #28
Nothing New-Fats Domino (Wrong Fats!)
Sheila-Tommy Roe
You'll Lose A Good Thing-Barbara Lynn
Let's Dance-Chris Montez
I'm Tossing and Turnin' Again-Bobby Lewis (One more time!)


Anonymous said...

Come on, old farts! Has anyone to say about this week's '62 playlist???


Just Another Old Flushed Fart.

Anonymous said...

if it's not the real Fats Domino,
who is it?

Anonymous said...

I think the Genteels, #31, was
a local group. Aquinas High??

Anonymous said...

Yes, The Genteels can be recalled hailing from St. Aquinas Catholic High School. So many years ago, but those guys had a superb sound doing early Sixties surf music. Cowabunga, man!

Anonymous said...

Later on, another local group,
The Tornadoes, will hit
big with Bustin Surfboards.
From Redlands????? I dunno

Also hey spelled their name
different because there was
the English Tornados and
TELSTAR. All coming up
later this year.