Tuesday, June 28, 2011

KFXM June 29, 1962

The Wah-Watusi-Orlons #1
New in the top ten
Theme From Dr. Kildare-Richard Chamberlein #5
Palisades Park-Freddie Cannon #6
Sealed With A Kiss-Brian Hyland #9
Roses Are Red-Bobby Vinton #10
Highest debut
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do-Neil Sedaka #32
also debuting #40 409/Surfin' Safari-Beach Boys
Party Lights-Claudine Clark
The Mash-Bud Spud
Little Diane-Dion
Yo Yo-Dudley Duncan

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Anonymous said...

AIR TRAVEL in Wax2Watch is an
alltime fav of mine. Not a big
hit but it rocks start to finish.
Just a great little tune that
never hit big. Love the drumming.
Lyrics are a slight reminder to
TRAVELIN MAN by Rick Nelson.

It's on UTUBE: