Tuesday, April 10, 2012

KFXM April 10, 1959

Sea Cruise-Frankie Ford #1


Anonymous said...

Long live the Good Humor Man:
great tasting ice creams in
many favored varieties. and those miniscule prices could not be beat, then or now!!!

Anonymous said...

The Good Humor Man, the Helms Bakery Man/Truck, The Milkman, and the Mailman. Daily/Frequent visitors along those streets of our town. Now only the Mailman is left and his future is shakey.

There were a few others on occassion, the Fuller Brush Man, and the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

Today we've got a couple of new ones, UPS Man, Fedex guy, etc but they don't really know our names.

Some neighborhoods still get religious prothletisers.

These days the front door is usually closed and locked. If there's not a UPS or Fedex truck parked outside I usually won't answer the doorbell.