Sunday, April 01, 2012

KFXM March 1959

A while back I obtained color copies of the earliest KFXM surveys that I now have.  Thanks to Ray Keith for the copies
March 1959.
Click on them to enlarge.


Lord Darth Rageous! said...

wowee, it's really cool to see KFXM's survey clock pushed back even further than before! kudos to the gentleman who shared the older 1959 published music lists.

now for the coup de foudre:
surely, there is someone still living out there who may actually have saved the earliest existing surveys from the inception when KFXM went 'Top 60' as a popular music station in 1957 A.D. under the new ownership of Howard Tullis!

so PLEASE, someone help out The Dougmaster and his superb archival website in this regard, thank you.

rfkeith10 said...

Doug and I Became acquanted about a year or so ago. I started my collection of the KFXM tune sheets as a young teenager in 1959. Spent some time "working" well, for the most part volunteering at KFXM. As did so many at the time, I answered phones, went along with some of the DJs to record hops and just made a pest of myself. I have had all of these tune sheets for so long and didin't know how to share them....Along comes Doug. I was delighted to be able to fill some of the holes that he had with missing surveys....I too, would really like to see some surveys before March 1959......Ray

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

and darned glad to hear from another KFXM alumnus, yes, Sir!