Thursday, December 27, 2012

Comparing KFXM and K/MEN 1965

Had compared the year end greatest hit of 1965 for KFXM and K/MEN.  They had 67 songs in common.  That means KFXM had 33 songs on their top 100 for 1965 that didn't make the year end survey on K/MEN.  But since K/MEN had a top 129 you had 62 songs that KFXM didn't list.  Go back to the posting before this to see both surveys.  Amazing at some of the titles that didn't make each other's lists.
K/MEN also listed these songs among those didn't make the KFXM cut.  She's Just My Style-Gary Lewis/I Got You-James Brown/Just A Little-Beau Brummels/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice-Lovin' Spoonful/Tell Her No-Zombies/Love Potion #9-Searchers/I Knew You When-Billy Joe Royal/Rescue Me-Fontella Bass/I Want Candy-Strangeloves


Anonymous said...

Not surprising. KFXM was wrong on their surveys lots of time, KMEN was right on, at least in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

KFXM versus KMEN. Just like the old argument "Who is better, the Beatles or the Stones?". Some folks always take the wrong side.

Anonymous said...

I can state for a fact that KFXM's music director during this period was "soft" on adding lots of potential hit records on his own.
Too much reliance on insignificant phone surveys of a few record shops while KMEN made regular in-person interviews at the same places(and additional outlets) coming away with better stats than their competitor. Finally, KMEN listened to what many of the record reps were promoting and were not adverse to taking chances on adding unknown artists, however KFXM was still too insecure from the payola era to pay any real attention to promoters!