Monday, March 18, 2013

KFXM This Week in 1960

Another couple years before a K/MEN survey, but here is KFXM
Some songs I like on this survey:
Love You So-Ron Holden
Theme From A Summer Place-Percy Faith
Beyond The Sea-Bobby Darin
Step Bu Step-Crests
Forever-Little Dippers


Anonymous said...

Nice scan job of this chart.

Anonymous said...

Before the arrival of KMEN who was the ratings competition for KFXM? What format was KITO?

Anonymous said...

At one point during the late 1950's, KITO played a popular hits format, then switched to country & western circa 1960. Before that, KITO ran the old network programming. Unfortunately, that station never was a serious competitor for KFXM whose Hooper ratings went virtually unchallenged for years -- that is, until the advent of K/men's new Top 40 format on March 10, 1962, then all heck broke loose for local radio listeners and advertisers!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe Elvis Presley has no record listed on this survey. He was a service man stationed in Germany at the time. Before he went into the army, he recorded a lot of music that was to be released at various intervals during his tenure. Just surprised that none of those songs were on the charts in March, 1960.

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

The last Elvis hit on the KFXM charts was Big Hunk Of Love/My Wish Came True. It's last week on the KFXM chart was Sept 12-19, 1959. Next week on KFXM the PICK HIT OF THE WEEK Stuck On You/Fame and Fortune-Elvis Presley. So almost a 6 month hiatus with no new Elvis on the charts.