Thursday, March 21, 2013

K/MEN and KFXM This Week in 1966

Lots of good songs this week.

The number 1 song on K/MEN this week Soul and Inspiration-Righteous Bros
The number 1 song on KFXM this week Bang Bang-Cher
On K/MEN it is number 2, but lists the flip side as Our Day Will Come.  Looked it up and it was released with two different flips.  Needles and Pins, the other flip side.

 Nancy Sinatra


Anonymous said...

Geeze, how sad seeing Sonny Bono's name so prominently listed on the surveys and record single.
Who could have known that Sonny, right smack at the beginning of his world-wide fame would end up a U.S. congressman and then later die in an horrific skiing accident at Lake Tahoe. Fate can be damning at times!

Anonymous said...

That Nancy Sinatra was really a hot number back then. One time I was gonna ask her out for a date, but couldn't because of what her father Frankie's Mafia hacks might have done to me!