Wednesday, April 10, 2013

KFXM and K/MEN This Week In 1962

Computer's back and working!
Big differences between the two surveys.

Only have the front of this survey.


Anonymous said...

Congrats there, DougMaster.
Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, welcome back Doug.
Missed not having your updates.

KMEN only a month into their

Anonymous said... has the following entry: Tyler, Donn: KHJ, 1965. Donn was the original Boss Radio weekender who worked with Ron Jacobs at KMEN.

Tyler had been friends with Jacobs since junior high. Tyler subsequently returned to Hawaii after his KHJ stint.

Web Guy

Anonymous said... also has the following entry: West, Andy: KHJ, 1963. Andy died of cancer on April 3, 1975 in Reno. Andy gained national fame for his vivid description of the shooting and struggle with Sirhan Sirhan following the killing of Robert Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel.

Andy West also had radio connections with Ron Jacobs and K-POI, KMEN, and KHJ.

So many business connections going on that I as just a listener didn't have a clue about at the time.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how KFXM refers to "ding a
ling" at bottom of tunesheet.

Didn't Chuck Berry get some
wrath for using "My ding a ling"
in 1972? It didn't matter, it
was his biggest hit in ages.