Wednesday, April 24, 2013

K/men and KFXM This week in 1964


Anonymous said...

I have no comment on the music but I always liked those 16 oz RC Cola bottles.

RC is harder to find now (Northern California) and I've only bought it in plastic bottles. An ice-cold glass bottle of it surely hits the spot. I'm a second tier kind of person, RC and Bubble-Up, the heck with Coke/Pepsi and 7-Up in those little baby bottles.

Anonymous said...

YOU BETCHA, man! I also recall just how refreshing, satisfying a 16 ounce ice-cold bottle of Royal Crown Cola tastes on a hot summer day.
Yeah, i'm with ya on missing those glass bottles which I never find available anymore, shucks!
Remember how much "loose change" you could have by picking up all those empties lying about and then cashing them in for the deposit!
Those were the days, oh my oh my.