Monday, May 27, 2013

KFXM Studios Dick Lyons 1967

Dick Lyons in the KFXM studios around April 1967.   This might have been published in a Tiger Mag, but I have not seen it there.
With thanks to Vic Moreno for the picture.


Anonymous said...

Dick Lyons was the greatest Top 40 broadcaster during that era with superb pipes and a flowing, personable on-the-air style.
Does anyone know if he is still alive, if so, is he still doing
radio or retired by now?

Bud Goodwin said...

I see KFXM was still using the RCA 77 Ribbon Mic. The studio was only 3-4 years old at this point and the equipment looks nice and clean. By the seventies it looked pretty average.

Anonymous said...

Sort of an unrelated post.

It's end-of-school-year/graduation season. My favorite song for this time of year is "School's Out" by Alice Cooper, it didn't come out till I was already in college but it fits the time of year perfectly.