Thursday, November 30, 2006

KFXM The Jones Boys

Question #2 Question on KFXM Jones Boys era.I know they started around10/25 or 28 1968.When did they stop calling themselvesJones Boys and go back to regular names? That's about right on the date they started. The Jones Boys were first mentioned in the Tiger Mag before this one (Nov 1, 1968) and continued until at least March 1969, and maybe later. I know definitely there were no Jones Boys in July 1969. Between March 28th and July 4th there were no Tiger Mags or surveys printed up, so the date of transformation isn't readily available.
Some of the first pictures of the Jones Boys.


Anonymous said...

I think by May or June the Jones
Boys era was over. Shortlived.
Anyone out there know how and
when it ended? I think the Great Almondo Fiori (Casey Jones)would know for sure. For a long time it
was Al Anthony's idea to use jock
names with a theme. His opportunity
came during the AFTRA strike
in October 1968.

Anonymous said...

How about some "insider" type news about KFXM and KMEN? Like rumors, innuendo, scandal? What kind of sleazy stuff was really going on? Did any of the DJs ever leave "under a cloud"? Where any DJs arrested or come close to it? Sad to say I don't think it was always sqeakly clean. You can omit or change names to protect the guilty(?).

Anonymous said...

"""Shocking""" but true. I will change
name to, as you say, protect the
guilty. It was a Saturday afternoon
at KFXM in August of 1968. Jock on air
had me put on MacArthur Park, followed by jingle followed by
by Light My Fire, while he took a
chick to the back snack room and
did her. That gave him about 15 minutes. She had been flirting
with him for a while just outside
the poolside window. He got too horny and
I got to punch buttons while he
pushed hers.

Not that this didn't happen
numerous times at any radio station.

Oh yes, then there are the stories
of jocks getting a BJ while on air.

armando from colton said...

The group identified as the "Buffalo Springfield" is definitely not them. Anyone have an idea who these imposters are?

Lord Darth Sidious said...

The Jones Boys era post-AFTRA strike KFXM radio formally ended on July 4, 1969 with the publication (resumption) of the Tiger Tune Sheet in lieu of the defunct Tiger Mag format.
at that time, the real name identities of the Jones Boys' aliases were publicly revealed on-the-air:
Anonymous Jones - Doug Collins
John Paul Jones - Kim Terry
Davy Jones - Danny Dare
Unsinkable Jones - Bob b. Blue
Lonesome Jones - Gary Evans
Casey Jones - Al Anthony
Tom Jones - Dave McKay.