Saturday, November 04, 2006

KFXM November 4, 1966

KFXM promoting their new Gold Rush Says contest. Anyone remember this? Article about the Left Banke and their first hit Walk Away Renee

#1 again this week Beach Boys Good Vibrations. Highest debut on the top 40 Mellow Yellow-Donovan at #14
New this week:
#30 I'm Ready For Love-Martha & The Vandellas Good song by this Motown group. Should be on regular oldies station play lists.
#34 I Can't Control Myself-Troggs Follow up to Wild Thing. Great garage rock. Love the scream at at the beginning of the song.
#38 Coming On Strong-Brenda Lee This was her last big hit. It did better nationally than on KFXM. Only made it to #23 on the top 40.
#39 A Satisfied Mind-Bobby Hebb Followup to Sunny
Personal Picks
The Bears-Fastest Group Alive I know I have this on a single, but I cannot remember how it sounds.
That's Life-Frank Sinatra Frankie is back and headed for the top 5
Please Say You're Fooling-Ray Charles I must have been asleep this week. I don't remember hearing this song on the radio.
Love's Gone Bad-Chris Clark Anoher one I've missed.
Mame-Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass Catchy little tune by Herb Albert. Hey! He sings this one! "This Guy's In Love With You" was not his first vocal hit!
Sugar Town-Nancy Sinatra Nancy makes a comeback at the same time as her dad. In a few months this 45 will be flipped over and they'll be playing "Summer Wine" accompanied by Lee Hazelwood


Anonymous said...

Gold Rush says.

I recall this was an hourly feature where pre-talk radio Rush Limbaugh, who was called "Gold Rush" because he had his hair peroxided with a "golden" tint, who "say" something in an op/ed comment (that would count as public service programming by the FCC), therefore the promo's name "Gold Rush Says."

We all know what happened to Rush Limbaugh after that time on KFXM, but our memory of "Gold Rush Says..." lingers on.

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

...Thank you...I think...
gee, what would you hav written if I didn't make that mistake...? Did Gold Rush says "put your hands on your head.."