Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sad News/J.W.

J.W. Bradbury a San Bernardino DJ since the 1970s is gone. He was mostly associated with KCKC, so never was associatd with KFXM or KMEN but he was part of Inland Empire radio. I last heard him on KTDD 1350 which as far as I know was his last time on he radio. Click on the picture to read the article. Article printed 10/31/2006

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Anonymous said...

Never knew JW but read his bio
and laughed a little when he
said his contribution to the
vietnam war was "playing Donny
and Marie records".

Me too except a few years earlier
"playing Guess Who records" as
my contribution to the vietnam

Anyone know whereabout he served
with AFRTS??