Sunday, March 11, 2007

K/MEN's first

"Huckleberry" Chuck Clemans played the first record on K/MEN and it was Chip Chip by Gene McDaniels. The story I head was that they were supposed to chip away at KFXM's ratings. And they did.

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Anonymous said...

The story is absolutely correct. The song was picked to "Chip Chip" away at KFXM.

The worst mistake KFXM ever made was to change direction of the station in the Fall of 1963 and fire all the deejays, change the jingles, hire all new personalities, and change the name of the survey to the "Big Top 40" from the "Fabulous 59"...huge mistake.

Up until that time, KFXM was holding it's own pretty much against K/men, though K/men was making vast inroads in the ratings.

When "the change" came, it totally propelled K/men into HUGE #1 ratings success, since KFXM had, in effect, become a new and different radio station, which was very unfamiliar and strange to the average listener.

If only....