Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Light-Music Box

1967 The Light had a hit on K/MEN and KFXM with Music Box. On KFXM it was a double sided hit. On the KFXM survey "Back Up" was listed as the flip side. Music Box hit #1 on K/MEN. On KFXM it made it to #2.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff for us fans of
the song MUSIC BOX. For being
such a hit, it will never
get played again. Not enough
people recognize it. Those
of us that do care don't count
on who's listening to KOLA, etc.
Too bad, the song was such a GEM.
Thanks for reminding us of that.

Armando from Colton said...

"Music Box" is a good song but the flip side, "Back Up" is a great example of Garage Rock energy. The folks at Ugly-Things.com are sitting on a live tape of "The Light". Let's hope that some day they see fit to release it on their UT Records label.