Sunday, March 18, 2007

K/mentertainer March 18, 1967

Once again the K/MEN balloon! Articles by the new K/MEN Robert E. Walker and Dave McCormick. No pictures and time slots yet, so we'll have to see who is still at the station. We know Johnny Darin and Bobby West are still here. Fred Kiml is also mentioned in an article.

#1 this week Blues Theme-The Arrows, same as on KFXM. I really like the top 10 this week. Almost every type of popular music at the time is represented. Even Acapulco Gold sneaked into the top 10

My picks this week. Buy For Me The Rain-Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and MyBack Pages-Byrds


Anonymous said...

Right on Doug. "Buy for me the rain" and "My back pages" are my two faves on this one. Jon Bruce

Anonymous said...

Agree with JB on both also.

Favorite line on BUY FOR ME
THE RAIN is "...Headstones cheer
the living, dear, they're no
use to the dead."

BFMTRain is such a great tune
beginning to end. Period.
Too bad we'll never hear it again
on the radio again.