Saturday, April 07, 2007

Little Black Egg-Nightcrawlers

In 1966 I first heard Little Black Egg by The Nightcrawlers. I've always liked this song, and I knew it was a hit here. Years later I found out it wasn't a national hit. It didn't even hit the national charts until 1967 and it only reached #85. A fact I did not realize until recently that it only charted on K/MEN. I went though the KFXM & K.MEN surveys from the time it was released, and it was never listed on any KFXM surveys. On K/MEN it was listed for 11 weeks.
In 1967 it even was voted as the #62 record of the K/MEN top 300 Soundathon Memorial Day Weekend
That was one of the nice things about having more than one top forty radio station in your town during to the 1960s, you got exposed to a few more songs.
In 1967 it never did rechart on KFXM or K/MEN. It was being played on K/MEN but did it ever get played on KFXM as an oldie?


Wayne said...

Doug, I am not sure how I ran across your blog. I was in radio back in 1966 while I was in college. It was fun to red about these two stations. I gave your blog a mention on mine:www. I also gave your site a link from mine. Keep up the good work. Radio was very good to me. I miss it.

Anonymous said...

I, too, liked LITTLE BLACK EGG.
Nobody plays it again.
But I think the new oldies station,
KFXM-FM, will play it. They have
a great variety of the stuff that
we remember but nobody plays again.
They got me hooked listening.
It's hard to turn if off. There's
always a song that comes up and
haven't heard in 30-40-50 years.

In case some haven't found it yet,
KFXM is on the internet at

Anonymous said...

I think I did play it as an oldie while at KFXM from '67 to '70. I do remember playing it as a current up on the central california coast. It might pop up on Rich Brother Robbin's fantastic internet oldies "station" Jonny Bruce