Sunday, May 20, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag May 19, 1967

#1 again this week Groovin'-Young Rascals


Anonymous said...

I see "My World Fell Down" is one
of the pick hits this week.
Always thought it was such a
strange song. The bridge
didn't help me think otherwise
also. But it was played a lot
so I learned to like it.

Nowadays and MP3 download of
the song has the bridge edited
out. All those sheep noises and
sound effects had to go, I guess.

Anonymous said...

"My World Fell Down" is one of my favorites. They had another one called "Another Time" that even KHJ played later. That one is in my top 5 of all time. Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

Since you like that song that
much, and I do also, how do you
explain all those sound effects
and noise that make up the bridge
in that song. What's the relationship to the rest of the song?

Flashback minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

I thought My World Fell Down would be what The Mamas and Papas and the Beach Boys would have sounded like if they recorded a song together. Also the saound effects aren't as bad as the ones in Buckinghams "Susan"

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll accept all those sounds
effect in MWFD but why oh why
are they there. What do they mean?
How symbolic can they be.
I know the sixties was king on
hidden messages but I'm cluess
on the bridge on MWFD.

Flashback minds need to know.

Anonymous said...

OK, back to MWFD. I read the
article Doug posted but really it didn't
define the bridge other than
being a "concrete bridge".
Did I miss something in the

Glen Campbell was the lead on
the song? Never made the connection.
I'll have to listen again and see
if there's a hint of that.
By now we all know what Campbell
sounds like, even from the
early 60's stuff, ala "Too late to
worry, too blue to cry".

Any comments? Hit me with the
best explanation of the bridge.
Haven't see it yet.


Anonymous said...

OK reread the article and
and somewhat explains the
bridge on MWFD.

Eclectic at best.

Still puzzled on why it's even

Anonymous said...

Ok I got a chance to listen to
MWFD, 45 version, and it is
NOT Glen campbell on lead vocal.
Couldn't be. Not a smidgeon of
resemblence. Why does the article
say that??. That makes as much
sense as the bridge on the record.

At this point, SUSAN by the
Buckinghams (as someone mentioned earlier) and MWFD take the cake
for most nonsensical bridges of
all time. They don't make any
sense on why they are there.

Can someone come up with something
to top those 2?

Flashback minds still want to know.