Wednesday, May 09, 2007

K/mentertainer May 6, 1967

Finally! New pictures of the DJs. Now you can see who is exactly on the air.
Robert E. Walker, Fred Kiml, Johnnie Darin, Dave McCormick, T. Michael Jordon, Bobby West And Ron Christian
#1 This week Close Your Eyes-Peaches & Herb. Issue is May 6 even though it states previewed April 26th. Starting at this point, the date there will be two dates. The cover date is May 6.

I'm Captured-Good Feelins into the top ten
Everly Brothers have a new record this week Bowling Green.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Bowling Green" is a song I like to
hear again and again. Never
get tired of it. Lyrics, music, voices
all come together so well.
Too bad it wasn't a big hit.
Don't think the Everlys would
ever make a hit again until
"On the wings of a nightingale" in
1984. 17 years after "Bowling Green" and written by McCartney.
Sir Paul, that is.
An as much as "Nightingale" was
such a great record, it scored less
on the charts than "Bowling Green".

Never tired of either song.
There's a haunting melody I like
about both.

Thanks for reminding me of it.
Been a while since I heard it.
Think I'll go find it and play it...again...and again!