Sunday, May 27, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag May 26, 1967

Standells and Charlie Walters on the cover of the Tiger Mag. They don't look that tough in this picture. Review of The Beatles Sgt Peppers, but only up to track 2 of side 2.

Bob Dylan controversy continues. A question of will he stay at Columbia Records or move over to MGM....

New #1 this week She'd Rather Be With Me-Turtles Highest Debut on the top 40 Light My Fire-Doors. #2 this week, the first big hit by the Grassroots, Let's Live For Today
My World Fell Down starting up the top 40. Rumor inside is that Sagittarius is the Beach Boys, not true.
Favorite new songs Come On Down To My Boat-Every Mother's Son and the rather obscure Sound of Love-Five Americans. Love that kind of music. Also a good song by Ray Charles, Here We Go Again.

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