Tuesday, August 28, 2007

KOLA Survey +

This is the earliest KOLA survey I have,
Below are also the KMEN and KFXM from August 1970 presented for your comparison. #1 Signed Sealed Delivered-Stevie Wonder, while #1 on the other two is Make It With You-Bread.
Don't Play That Song-Aretha Franklin looks like it already peaked at #2 on KOLA, and just barely started on the KFXM/KMEN charts.
New on KOLA Candida-Dawn and Green Eyed Lady-Sugarloaf

New on KFXM Lookin' Out My Back Door-CCR and Joanne-Michael Nesmith
New on KMEN Yellow River-Christie and Julie, Do You Love Me?-Bobby Sherman

KFXM lists Wigwam-Bob Dylan as the hit, while KOLA lists the flip side Copper Kettle as the hit
KOLA is automated with no djs, KFXM has pictures of Doug Collins, Chris Roberts, Chuck Clifford, Dimple Don Bob B. Blue and Bob Brooks, and KMEN has no listing or pictures this week, only mentioning Mark Ford.

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