Sunday, September 16, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag Sept 15, 1967

Hey, it's Dean Martin, with Little Old Wine Drinker, Me cuttrntly on the charts. With an article inside. Click on it to enlarge it. But it's dropping down the charts. There is a mention of a Johnny Bee filing in for Charlie Walters while on vacation. Was that you Jonny Bruce?
Good picture of Sherman Mason in the news room.
In Sept 1967 The Monkees were still popular enough that the station compiled a list of favorite Monkees songs. Words was #1. Oldies stations still play 4, 8, and 18. Daydream Believer hasn't been released yet. I like 17, 19, 20, 21, 25 and 29, which 19 is the same as 29.
Sonething I had never realized before, according to the articles on the following page on August 27th Brian Jones died, and Bian Epstein was found dead on the same day. Haven't checked any other place for the information. Is that correct?

#1 again The Letter-Box Tops
#34 Debut People Are Strange-The Doors/ This song was the basis of two slide show presentations I did first in high school and also in college. I like the song.
To Sir With Love-Lulu making it's first time appearance.
OK, here's a guilty pleasure of mine. Personal pick The Last Waltz-Englebert Humperdink. I don't know why, it just that I really like the song! If it came on the radio today, I wouldn't change the station. I guess I'll have to find it and post it on my other blog.


Bill Earl said...

The "Johnny Bee" they are referring to here I believe is NOT Jonny Bruce, but another I.E. young man (back then) who went on to become Chief Engineer of 136/KGB in the early 1980s, JOHN BARCROFT, who DID use the airname "Johnny Bee" in the I.E. before he went on to Bakersfield and greater jocking recognition. Jonny Bruce would know for sure! I hope he chimes in on THIS mystery.

Anonymous said...

Right you are Bill. Johnny Bee was Barcroft. Barcroft was doing 6pm to 9pm on KASK 1510/93.5 Ontario. I was doing 11am to 3pm. New owners were coming in to change from Top 40 to Beautifull music (as KSOM) so the jocks were fleeing. I arrived at 590 a couple of weeks after Barcroft's one time fill in shot at KFXM. Barcroft went to 1220 KKAR Pomona before heading to Bakersfield. When KSOM went back to Top 40 in 1975 under yet another ownership I returned to my favorite mid day shift; this time 10am to 2pm. Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

I too love "The Last Waltz". Hump's best ! Also favorites as picks this week: "Even the bad times are good"-Tremeloes and Jimmy Roger's "Child of clay". Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

Not sure, but wasn't TO SIR
WITH LOVE the 2nd time around
for this song, same artist, same
Wasn't it out in late 66?
Just seems it was.

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

"To Sir With Love" had an unusual chart record in the Inland Empire. I don't see anything about it being released in 1966, but...
on both KMEN and KFXM it was on the charts a few weeks in Sept-Oct 1967, and then fell off the charts. Nationally it made #1 in 1967.
Lulu's Best Of Both Worlds was released and hit the top ten here in early 1968.
In the meantime, in Feb 1968 KFXM and KMEN both listed it on their surveys again, after being off the charts for a few months. It hit the top ten on both charts.
In 1968 I can't find anywhere where it recharted nationally.
Why the comeback? I don't know.