Thursday, September 27, 2007

K/mentertainer September 23, 1967

Rubidoux won the K/men Victory Bell Coming soon! Donovan at the Swing Auditorium.
List of places that you could pick up a copy of the K/mentertainer. I usually picked my copy up at Harris', Woolworths or Lyles.

The Letter-Box Tops #1 for the third week.
Why was this still so popular? Look at K/men Most Requeted. It's the only one listed.
Back Up-Light is listed as Hit Bound rather than Music Box. But soon you'll see that it will be a double sided hit here in the Inland Empire
Rock and Roll Woman-Buffalo Springfield Hit Bound.
Today listening to the radio KDES, a Palm Springs Oldies Station, I was amazed, they played this song! That is a station that often surprises me by playing a song I haven't heard on the radio for ages.
I have told this story before, but sinc It Must Be Him-Vikki Carr is a Hit Bound, I'm telling it again.
I have a teenage daughter who often hears the songs played on stations I listen to. She actually likes a lot of the 50s, 60s and 70s music along with current music. (She knew lyrics to Beatle songs when she was 5) A couple of months ago, It Must Be Him-Vikki Carr was actually played on the radio (probably over the internet). She actually said that is the worse record she ever heard. Commenting hopefully she will die when it isn't him this time.


Anonymous said...

No doubt THE LETTER was a great
tune. It is also a short
song. Jocks loved it when
commercial overload came along.
Couldn't play INAGADADAVIDA during
heavy commercial times.

Anonymous said...

I have played "R & R Woman" several times in the past 13 and a half years at KDES. A week ago we revamped badging the station as "The greatest hits", now up to 1986. Best of all a lot of late 1960's tunes never in a rotation before are now there replacing some of the burnt out "workhorses" every one is tired of. Another new addition is the great Byrds hit "My Back Pages" ! Jonny Bruce