Tuesday, September 11, 2007

K/mentertainer September 9, 1967

Win The Victory Bell Contest! Anyonje remember this?
Article/pictures about the Buffalo Springfield concert
What were the biggest hits on K/MEN during the Summer of Love '67? It's amazing it was Frankie Valli, and not the Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Young Rascals or even The Association.

#1 The Letter-Box Tops
Dean Martin has a hit with Little Ole Winedrinker, Me #28 Great song Hit Bound Higher and Higher-Jackie Wilson. This could have been a hit in any of the prior ten years to 1967 if it was released earlier. Amazing it hit it big it 1967.

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Harley Davidson said...

The Top 30 of the Summer of 1967 is an amazing list. So many of those songs are still heard on the radio today. A while back, you noticed that in 1967, very few were listening to 40 year old hits. I think the reason they're listening to 40 year old hits now is because they're available in the same format as current hits. In 1967, stereo high fidelity sound was the norm. It still is. With digital mastering, these 40 year old hits sound as good as anything recorded today and since the basic structure of a "hit" song hasn't changed, they really don't sound dated. I'm not saying this because the Summer of 1967 was the time of my life, I was 8 years old. I'm saying this because it was an important period in pop music(look how well these songs held up), it still is.