Thursday, May 07, 2009

KFXM and K/men May 5-7, 1971

I Love You For All Seasons-Fuzz #1
Highest debut Timothy-Buoys #22 Future Hits
It's Too Late-Carole King
Awaiting On You All-Silverhawk

Here we have a K/men playlist effective May 5, 1971 (so through May 11, 1971)
I Love You For All Seasons-Fuzz #1 Last week Chick-A-Boom-Daddy Dewdrop was #1 Highest debut Bridge Over Troubled Water-Aretha Franklin #19

Playlist keeps track of the weeks on the survey. Songs on the longest One Toke Over The Line-Brewer & Shipley and What's Going On?-Marvin Gaye
Brown Sugar-Rolling Stones shows 4 1/2 weeks.

Im counting 6 Motown groups on the K/men 30 (20%) and 5 on KFXM 30. 1971 a good year for Motown

Heavy Hitbounds Don't Pull Your Love-Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds and And I Love You So-Bobby Goldsboro

Dave Sebastion Music Director

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