Wednesday, May 13, 2009

KFXM May 13, 1960

Cathy's Clown/Always It's You-Everly Bros #1
Highest debut #38 Image Of A Girl-Safaris
Look out for Alley Oop-Hollywood Argyles, big jump halfway up the chart.Most of the "Wax To Watch" are songs that disappeared after 1-2 weeks. Take a look at this weeks list. Anyone have a favorite, that was never heard from again? I like The Way Of A Clown-Teddy Randazzo

Both Frank Sinatra and Nat "King" Cole have new songs on the chart.
Blue Moon-Bel-Airs
Lonely Weekends-Charlie Rich
Mission Bell-Donnie Brooks


Anonymous said...

Agree there's quite a few
clunkers under Wax to Watch.
Never heard most of them but
once in a while an internet
oldies station will play something
I really like but never got a chance
to hear it the first time around.
Yea, those that never made it
past 2-3 weeks or aiplay back

The Way of A Clown is one of those.
Heard it on RBR internet radio.
Loved it the first time I heard
it--almost 50 years later.
There are many others.

I heard a song on called
TAR AND CEMENT. What a great song. Charted in 66 but I heard
it first time in 2009. Just
one of those that didn't really make it but great to hear.

IT goes on and on.....

Rockinsteve said...

In Wax To Watch, the comment attached to Donnie Brooks' "Mission Bell" & the Bel Aires "Blue Moon" is "see below."

I looked below - saw nothing - what gives? Were they to appear in an upcoming concert and the listings for the wax and for the concert didn't match up?

Two other great records in Wax To Watch:

1) "Lonely Guy" by the Gallahads out of Seattle - a big hit in L.A.

2) The Hispanic garage rocker "Come Dance With Me" by Eddie Quinteros out of San Jose.

Thanks for your great efforts, I'm taking the liberty of using many of your KFXM chart positions in an upcoming book on L.A. rock & roll.


Anonymous said...

Tar and Cement- Verdelle Smith on Capital. Great song, played it heavily on the Central Coast when it was out in 1966. Jonny Bruce