Thursday, July 22, 2010

KFXM July 21 1961

Tossin' And Turnin'-Bobby Lewis #1
The Mountain's High-Dick & Dee Dee #34 New
Hully Gully Again-Caesar & The Romans
Let Me Belong To You-Brian Hyland
Making a claim at the end of the survey "Dick Clark's favorite station"..."


Anonymous said...

debut of Brian Hyland?

This song will put you to
sleep while driving or just
listening at home.
So slllllllllllllllllllllllow.

There have been other sleepers
throug the years.
FIRST TIME EVER by Flack is one
but such a great song once you
get used to it's lack of speed.

Bob Harlow said...

"Let me Belong To You was Brian Hyland's 3rd chart record.

A year earlier he had a #1 Hit
"Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikni"

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob Harlow....Bruce Chandler here...where are you now? I knew you at KVCR SBVC...Jeff Young knows you too...I work with him at Dial-Global 24/7 Digital Networks

Bob harlow said...

Hey Bruce,

This is too funny, I was just talking about you with Doug De Roo
this morning.He said you were still at Dial Global and I said Yeh, Jeff Young works there too.

After KFRC , I went to San Diego
and put a Classic Hits station on
called "The Walrus". I left there about a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Bob..Bruce C. again... Give my best to DeRoo...yeah...still at Dial-Global for 25 plus years now...doing the morning show and gettin' up early..also on KRTH Sundays 3-7p..been there for 9 years in a regular weekend shift...I'll tell Jeff Young I heard from you...where are you NOW as in July 31, 2010?

Anonymous said...

and....I'm on KOOL GOLD...we're playing more and more late 70's and early 80's and less mid and early 60's...Jeff Young does a stand alone morning Country show

Bob Harlow said...


We are living on the North Oregon Coast, about 40 miles south of Astoria.