Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KFXM July 23, 1965

Ok now using the date on the Tiger Mag brings us curent on the KFXM scene.
All I Really Want To Do-Cher #1
Highest debut Like A Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan #23
A lot of the songs on this survey have been staples of oldies stations for many years. (When there were stations on the radio that played 60's music) New
You've Got Your Troubles-Fortunes
THEM with Van Morrison making it big on KFXM
The Rolling Stones
From the single page survey showing personal picks and Albums


Anonymous said...

HUNG ON YOU already falling on
the KFXM charts. Didn't last long. Nice surprise awaits
all when they flip it over, as KMEN has
already done by now.

As I read, Spector wanted to do
some old classics his way.
This one became a staple of
any oldies station.
UNCHAINED MELODY lives forever.
Thanks, Phil. Sorry you misbehaved
in society and your wall of sound
is now an echo in a prison ward.
I'm being bad.

Anonymous said...

but truthful!

Bob Oscar Johnson said...

Well, The Giant X plays the good songs that were on the KFXM survey this week www.147kxoa.com where else are you going to hear I Love Candy - Strangeloves?